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Welcome to another episode of Bus Ride Impression! Past couple of weeks has been quite crazy, perhaps crazier than the coming season as the team has been quite busy planning for a few stuff, among them primarily the future of BRI (oh boy, do we have a lot in store for you folks), plus a few events happening in the near future (we realized that the November HiFi Show reared its head), so we had to get rolling with this as this year’s event seems to be quite bigger than the last one. Thus the delay on the reviews.

BUT, excuses are worthless, so we will go ahead and publish yet another one for you before we get missed by you guys. Fortunately, I was able to land several more toys to review (again, mostly by my generous benefactor Lillian, thank you so much ma’am) and I promise that the website should be fully stocked in the next several weeks.

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Audiofly has been in the in-ear monitor design industry since 2011, and while it has competitors that are in the industry way before that, Audiofly has somehow managed to create a niche in the market with its comfortable design and great signature. Considering its roots started in the land down under, I am pretty surprised that it is shadowed by other brands in the market today particularly in SE Asia.

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After a few years in the hobby, having tried different stuff, I kinda got to the point where I equate quality of sound to be proportional to the price you paid for the gear. It kinda makes sense to some point really, thinking that expensive gears would require pricier components (rarer materials perhaps?) not to include the cost of R&D spent. It is pretty reasonable really, especially for brands that are quite known in the industry for some time.

However, for the past several years, an influx of affordable entry-level IEMs and earbuds arrived with China leading this sort of revolution wherein a few did create a niche in the market which eventually turned into favorites of the masses given their excellent build and great sound. Some of those went on to establish their brands and ended to become crowd favorites among the enthusiasts.

Recently, among these China brands, a relatively new player called BGVP released several new offers, one of which I received a review unit called the DX3s and this seems to offer quite an interesting build. As to the sound, I had to take the said earbud to at least 50 hours of burn-in, but my initial impression leads me to think that this might appeal a certain group of enthusiasts given its tonality.

Follow me then as I take this baby for a spin.

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Budget in-ear monitors are a dime a dozen. In the current hobby scene, you can see how they proliferate as new players come in left and right. Over the past couple of years, a horde of entry level IEMs have broken through the mainstream market; it’s is not exactly surprising as the appeal of budget level IEM’s with sound quality good enough to be considered “Hi-Fi” has been tickling the fancy of hobbyist since time immemorial. Decent sound can now be had without breaking your piggy bank. Indeed, some of these offerings are good enough to satiate the craving for a really decent audio setup – perhaps enough to be considered a poor man’s alternative to the likes of HUM and Campfire Audio.

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Novice Viewpoint: Shanling M0


Introducing the newest addition to the Bus Ride Impression, “Novice Viewpoint”. This features impressions and feedback from the point of view of a neophyte in this hobby. This aims to present newbie friendly reviews and a much fun oriented discussion.


The Shanling M0 unit for this review did not come from the manufacturer. The written review is impartial and has no connections with the company. However I wish to thank Shanling for manufacturing these great budgets DAP (Digital Audio Player). Please bear with me as this is my “first review”.



Since there are a lot of contenders on the budget friendly DAPs category, it is really hard to enter on this side of the portable audio scene.

However, Shanling thought of a way to have a DAP that’s jam-packed with features. With the success story starting with their line-up starting from the M1, we now take a look on their newest budget DAP model, the tiny Shanling M0.

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Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Bus Ride Impression! I just got through a tough week, as I am currently recuperating from an accident last weekend that immobilized me due to a foot injury (how I wished it was due to a diving or a mountaineering accident; it was all due to clumsiness actually as I was unloading the car with some of our bags in our weekend holiday). Given that I am unable to really go around and about, I decided to turn the week into something productive other than annoying my siblings and my wife, that is, to write a couple of articles for Bus Ride Impression.

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While a plethora of new in-ear monitors come out in the market these days, there still are several ones that remain to stand the test of time for the market. It would even be harder for entry-level IEMs to compete against the growing options, what with the technology evolving in terms of materials and tuning used in the new releases. I guess this heavily causes the shorter lifespan or early demise of an IEM which would have been a groundbreaking design in the past but meets its end relatively quickly.