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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Mitchell & Johnson GL2

It is lightweight, not much different from its sibling, the GL1. It does carry a different look on it, or perhaps I will call it flair as it does look a lot classier. I liked the look of the wood on the cups, it does indeed add a lot of style on the entire thing. After all, it carries quite a premium on its price tag so I am exciting no less then the frills of a really nice looking headphones.

Similar to GL1, Mitchell & Johnson employed the same Electrostatz tech on its drivers. Which means, as the GL1 did, the sound should resolve quite fast particular to the lowest frequencies.

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Novice Viewpoint : Treblab X5


Novice Viewpoint: Treblab X5

***First of all, I would like to thank TREBLAB for giving us this opportunity to feature the X5 on Bus Ride Impression. We thank you for your generosity and support for making this review possible.

With a plenty of wireless/sports IEM widely offered in the market. Can the Treblab X5 provide the satisfaction and the desire of Audiophiles and non-Audiophiles in terms of durability, connectivity and especially sound quality? As today’s consumers considers wireless/true wireless IEM as their music buddy. Can the X5 have the features they’re looking for?  Let’s find out on the Novice Viewpoint.

Born in 2015, Treblab has built its rep on its line of wireless Sports IEMs, Headphones and Speakers. Their products was praised for the features on its products primarily for consumers with active lifestyle without breaking the bank. It seems that the target of this company are not just gym-goers and consumers with active lifestyle. That resulted on the launching of the Treblab X5 (Priced at US$79), a sports IEM that pledged to provide secure fit, decent battery life and good amount of details from its Beryllium Dynamic Driver. A fitting for audiophiles and non-audiophiles with an active lifestyle.

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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Mitchell & Johnson GL1

With today’s current technology, plethora of options are available for headphones, making your choice selection a lot more diverse. This is great for us consumers, as we are finally given the range as to what we would like to hear from our cans.

Personally, I am quite please by the fact that I have had a good share of choices, be it in the past or the present. I had the chance to own a few strikingly good pairs of cans (Audeze LCD-2, Hifiman HE400S and HE400I among the few) while I currently own a few more with the likes of Meze 99 Classic, Sennheiser HD6XX, Advanced Alpha, Stax L500 and a modded Grado SR225i. As I go about collecting a few, it gives me quite a good range of option as to what I will use.

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Novice Viewpoint : Fiio M7

Novice Viewpoint – Fiio M7

Chinese brand “FIIO” has been in the audio scene for quite a long time. The triumph of their DAPs as well as the recognition of DAC & Amps of Fiio has been quite a discussion lately especially with them launching Budget Friendly products that offers a wide range of features.

First, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Fiio for lending us the M7 and to have it featured on Bus Ride Impression. I thank them for their generosity of offering the M7 for this review. You may visit their website at https://fiio.com/ . We also thank “XTC”, Fiio’s official distributor here in the PH for also making this review possible.

Now let’s introduce the Fiio M7.

Fiio M7 priced at $199.99, is the newest addition of the brand to their DAP line up. Compared to the other DAPs of Fiio, the M7 has a quite different build as well as internals. With a new presentation on the looks and the introduction of the Samsung Exynos 7270 as its processor, can the M7 be a worthy competitor with the DAPs on its price range? Let’s find out.

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Tin Audio T2. Tin HiFi T2 Pro. What’s up with that?

Yes, the second is supposedly an improved version of the first. Yes, they are from the same company. I understand that some company would do re-branding depending on whatever reasons they have in mind. What I am curious is whether the Pro version indeed is an improvement of the former or I am getting compelled to believe that for China IEMs, their interpretation of a Pro version is supposed to be a more neutral, or in most cases, brighter version of the non-Pro.

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That bEARded Library Guy: 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone

While a ton of IEMs were released in the market, there’s very few that has somehow captured the hearts of enthusiasts (audio and mobile phone alike) that has been quite versatile in both aspects, that is, excellently works with a mobile phone and has some serious sound quality to pass the standards for both. A handful came out that somehow favored both fans, yet there still are some gripes as (1.) there’s really non perfect IEM for use for both, and (2.) there’s always the argument about the mic having some adverse effect on an audiophile caliber IEM.

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That bEARded Library Guy: 1More 1M301

Much has been released in terms of mobile IEMs, wherein these IEMS are designed to work with your mobile phones. While mostly designed to dual function as a music listening device as well as call making device, some of these actually are worth a look from an audio enthusiast market. One of those is the 1More 1M301, of which seems to be a sleek looking design from 1More, the company that Xiaomi used to partner with. With the Xiaomi Piston being so successful as it is, much is expected from 1More with their IEM offers as of late.