I have been talking to friends about how addictive it has been doing the Bus Ride Impression especially now that the crazy traffic situation has been aggravated by JMC blaring from the bus speakers (he has taken the malls as hostages, he is now taking over public conveyance: be warned) and listening to my personal repertoire is slowly becoming a necessity more than a leisure. Fortunately, good friend Benedict Chua has been generous to lend me his personal Dita Answer and it is a perfect way to keep my sanity from crumbling due to the current traffic situation.

So aptly, the IEM was named The Answer as it indeed answered my prayer for a really great IEM. The Answer is an offering from the company Dita who, for some reason has been operating for some time now and yet has released just a handful of products. One might wonder why, but I suspect it because of the time and effort they exert in crafting such a fine gear.

Build is, as expected from an IEM at such price point is excellent. Shells of the earpieces are made of high grade aluminum alloy with matte gray finish. Carefully etched on the surface of the shell was the distinct emblem by Dita. Cable joint on the earpiece is quite unique, something I haven’t seen from any other IEM. Cable is thick but supple, not really cumbersome to wear. Cable splitter is made of the same material as the earpiece and has Dita’s logo etched on it. Ben apparently went for an Eidolic retermination which greatly helped in terms of durability, although I expect the stock one to be nothing less.

Wearing The Answer doesn’t feel too challenging at all. Swing it over the ear before inserting the nozzles in the ear took less than second. While wearing it, I really don’t feel bothered by the cable so it is comfortable enough. Isolation is good, however for some reason I find it better using a large Spinfit tip whereas I am typically accustomed to using medium tips. Me using medium Spinfit tips with The Answer allows some outside noise into my ears so I opted for the large ones. Strange.

My initial impression is that this is a safe choice for most audiophiles. I can feel that it will safely fall into the preference of most users, with the low ends providing ample but sufficient punch while the highs are sparkly but not sharp. Mids are appropriately positioned so I think it to be a safe buy in case one does. The caveat is that it seems safely tuned that for some people with specific preferences, this might not sound the best.

Allow me now to speak for each of my choice tracks using The Answer:

The Bird And The Bee
Heard It On The Radio

The voices on the track harmonized well with each other, blending has been presented well using the Answer. I noticed some peaks on 60-125hz and some instances on the 1khz range but none beyond that. Bass was played with a careful punch, enough to satisfy bass lovers but not too much to overwhelm those who aren’t.

Don’t Stop Me Now

Man this track is fun. If you are having a bad day, listen to it. Using the Answer, it is even more fun. Piano harmonized by the electric guitar is such a joy that you will tend to feel giddy listening to it. No peaks were observed on the track with the exception of a few frequencies below 1khz. Bass seemingly is the strength of The Answer, not because it is mind pulsing but is properly controlled. Nimble and fast with enough punch but won’t pound one’s temple. Hey, I am no basshead but this sure is fun.

99 Red Balloons

John Feldman is a happy guitar camper in this track. And I said so because The Answer made it clear that he is. As expected from a band with punk orientation, this track is fun. Nothing got left out and my ears were filled with such details no matter how mashed the frequencies seem to be. Splashes of cymbals were clear but never peaked to the point of sibilance.

So, is The Answer a good buy? It is, I won’t say it is not. However, it kind of lacked the extensions that I personally look for in an IEM. Sure I had fun using The Answer, but there are other IEMs at the price range that I think I would prioritize over this. Heck, I might invest more on AKG K3003, but that is practically because of my preference. But please take my opinion with a grain of salt, I will still say a lot will enjoy this, only that on a preferential standpoint, some may not find this as appealing as most would.

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