Speaking of budget-fi gears, there will always be some compromises to accept when dealing with such. It may be in the case of the build of the gear wherein you will have to take extra care of the gear so as not to break it, or some compromises on the sound quality of the gear, or it can even be in the form of comfort while using it. As it is, it will just be entirely up to the user as to which ones are non-negotiable and which ones can be tolerated.

True as it is, if you end up with a gear that has the least of these compromises, I will say you are lucky. This differs from person to person, and will always depend on choices. In my case, my non-negotiables will be the SQ followed by durability. I am a careful person, but I will still prefer something that can manage some stress. As for the sound quality, I will still go for something that falls within the parameters of my preferences and should have an acceptable quality, of course depending on the price I paid for.

Luckily, there is one in ear monitor that seems to fit my preferences, the Trinity Audio Hyperion. I chanced upon this but did not initially plan on carrying it at Aurem Fidelitatem, however, I was given an offer by Bob by sending me a demo unit. Initially, I was not amenable of carrying it as I thought this kind of deviated from how Trinity Audio usually designs their products. No filters? Non-detachable cables? What’s up with that?

Thankfully, in spite of my stubbornness, Bob did proceed in sending me a demo unit, and I must say, I should have hammered myself for having second thoughts of carrying it in my store. That was some lame decision, and good thing Trinity Audio did decide to stick with this IEM which turns out to be a revelation for me.

Let’s dissect and see how it fairs with my review, shall we?


The glaring fact about this IEM is that it is TINY! The body of earpiece is just a bit larger than a pea! This is a good thing, as this is something that you can sleep in (although I really don’t suggest it), but in any case you fell asleep while using these babies, you will not be bothered much.

Shell is made of aluminum alloy which means it can withstand some pressure. Cable is a braided 5N copper so tangling isn’t going to be much of a problem. Plug is also made of aluminum with a spring as a stress relief. Given this, you can pretty much forget about worries on durability. But just in case, these IEMs are offered with 1-year warranty from Trinity Audio so that should pretty much cover most of everything.


One would wonder what kind of sound can something this tiny can yield. Surprisingly, this is good for its price. Vocals seems a bit forward and clean, guitar notes are excellently audible and the highs are sparkly. Bass of course has some density, but is quite clean in spite of the punch.

With the sound test, I will be using Cowon Plenue D to see how it fares.

Truthfully (Lisa Loeb, Firecracker)

Piano keys are crystalline at the intro of the track. Lisa Loeb’s voice sounds a bit airy but is not recessed. Violin strokes are smooth and has a good separation from the other instruments. I just found the bass a bit too powerful for the track, though not disturbing at all.

Intergalactic (Beastie Boys, The Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science)

This is a fun track using the Hyperion. Bass has a good pound on it, quite lush coming from such a small IEM. Yet Adam Yauch’s vocals are still clear and transparent, albeit a little recessed. Cymbals sounded sufficiently shimmery.

Locked Away (R.City feat. Adam Levine, What Dreams Are Made Of)

Adam Levine’s vocals has always been distinct, and this IEM has somehow made it clear how good his voice is. Blending of vocals is excellent, has a good layer between the artists. Bass is still full and tight, while the piano keys is displayed in excellent clarity.

Portability wise, Hyperion is such a good choice given it’s size. I guess just by slapping a good pair of eartips to fit yours should give it a good isolation.

If you are in the lookout for an excellent IEM for such a low price, the Hyperion can be had for only $43.35 from Trinity Audio website (trinity-audio-engineering.myshopify.com). With such price, as an enthusiast, I will definitely pick it over most IEMs in the sub-$50 range. It is lightweight, easy to pair with and is very affordable. I am pretty sure that this is a purchase that you won’t regret.

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