The DZAT DT-05 is a very curious IEM that came out recently given the contrasting few reviews online. I even saw one review stating how wrong the reviewer was in thinking that the IEM is any good. But then there are some who has seen some promise for the IEM. I however got curious by the fact and went on to get one for myself to see if it is either of the two.

I would like to be clear that everyone should take my review on DT-05 with a grain of salt as this may or may not conform with the one using it. Upon trying it for a while, I must say that it may or may not draw some flack from some people, so I will just dish out my personal views here. I am not here to disprove or prove anything, it really is just more on relaying my discoveries on the IEM.

So, without further ado, let us go ahead and discover how this IEM does.


At a glance you will think that the shell of DT-05 is made of polished aluminum, but it really is made of acrylic which is slightly translucent. It has a bit of weight on it, but is still comfortable.

Those copper plates you see on the side of the shell doesn’t seem to serve any sonic purpose with the exception of the port, but it does add a bit of flair to the IEM.

The memory wires attached to the earpieces aren’t actually, err, memory wires as they aren’t really pliable as the typical ones. However, it holds the bend in its place, so somehow you can say it does its job. Fact is, given this quality, I think it might be better for some as it allows you to wear the DT-05 without the need of molding the wire to your ears.

The cable splitter looks nice with its polished copper finish, although one bummer that I noticed is the lack of a cinch. Why would DZAT miss that? I know they might have deliberately designed it in such way but I still don’t get it. Not everyone uses the cinch, but for those who do, it may be an issue.

Wire is made of twisted copper which seems quite appropriate to the theme of the DT-05. We are bound to find out how this sounds just so we can figure out of the cable does work well with the inherent sound of the IEM.

Plug is made of the same material and color as the splitter. What is nice is that both actually has a strain relief. It is a bit tough though, but it is much better than none at all.

The included ear tips may not conform to everyone’s liking, but for me it gives me a good seal so this should do fine. Afterall, this is just a $32 IEM so no complaints here.

Overall, build seems good to me. Aesthetically it looks appealing, but could have been standard if it has a cinch.


As I see the DT-05 as a good daily beater, I am opting to test it using my phone, a Motorola Moto Z loaded with FLACs to see how it does. Here’s how it goes:

Follow You Down (Gin Blossoms, Congratulations I’m Sorry)

At an instance you will immediately be able to conclude that the DT-05 is not build for wide soundstage. Imaging however seems good enough for me. The bass rumbles run deep while maintaining good mid bass. Guitars has ample crunch in it, albeit lacking a bit of rawness. Robin Wilson’s vocals doesn’t seem too recessed and is of good quality. There is, however, a very slight hint of boxiness but seems acceptable to me.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2, The Joshua Tree)

I kind of liked how controlled the guitars are at the beginning of the track using the DT-05. The bass seems a bit strong but is still within my tolerance levels. Bono’s voice seems to still remain surfaced in spite of the rumbling bass by Adam Clayton. Edge’s guitars remains crips and sounded bursting with shimmer that made the track really pleasant to listen to.

One thing to note is how well the IEM sits in my ears. I didn’t have to rummage around for the right tips; the stock pair seems to work perfectly well with me. The weight of the earpieces also allows me to feel them sitting in my ears without any pressure at all.

Hold On (Amber Rubarth, Sessions From The 17th Ward)

Amber Rubarth’s Hold On allowed me to properly check how well does the DT-05 do in terms of imaging, and I am pleasantly impressed by the fact that such IEM can do well in terms of imaging considering the price point. Flicks sounded snappy, and the way the frequencies play between my ears sounded pleasant enough, again something I did not expect from DT-05.


Overall, I will say the DZAT DT-05 is such an excellent IEM for its price. No, it may not be in the same league as the common ones in the market nowadays like the KZ ZST in terms of the price, but the DT-05 is a good testament to the fact that you get to hear what you pay for. Fact is, the DT-05 sounded a tad better than how it is is priced, so I will say that this should be a good option for those looking for affordable IEMs that sounds great.

2 thoughts on “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: DZAT DT-05

  1. Gotta say, I really appreciate your fair feedback on these. I had the chance to listen to them briefly at the start of the year and was pretty impressed. Not with their technical abilities, but with simply how enjoyable they were to listen to. Plus, they look awesome and are well-built. I bought my pair a couple months ago and they arrived today (shipping from China to Canada has been sluggish this year). They’re everything I remember them being. Love em 🙂


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