With the Ear Buds market now churning up new products spontaneously, the choices have become quite hard to ponder for audio fans who have been on the look out for new purchases in this hobby.

Relatively new ear buds have come out that cater to different audio fans with different sound signatures and tastes; fortunately there’s a new face in the ear buds market, the OURART with their new offering the OURART Ti7; an earbud that is rather unique, quite bold yet elegant that makes it a “looker”. Let see how the OURART Ti7 fairs in our review.

Packaging and Specifications


The OURART Ti7 came in a box similar to a jewelry case or a branded watch case which gives off quite an extravagant vibe.


Upon opening you are greeted with the earbud shells  that’s neatly placed like intricate earrings. The metal housing with the laser etched OUR ART logo proudly adorning it exudes quite an elegant vibe.


The OURART Ti7 is made using their original metal design based on their unique precision CNC processing.


Included in the box are a shirt clip, Eight (8) donut foams and Eight (8) colored full Foams and a mini manual.


The included MMCX cable is a detachable Eight (8) Core anti-freeze silver foil wire with a L-Shaped 3.5mm Oyaide gold plug that is tangle free and the wires are soft in texture.

Specifications (From Website)

  • Drive unit: 14.2mm custom titanium crystal diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Frequency response range: 20Hz-25000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 118dB
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Cable length: 1.1M (MMCX Detachable Cables design)
  • Earphone plug: 3.5mm stereo gold-plated L-shaped plug

Check the full specifications and packaging here

Design and Fit

The OURART Ti7’s shell design is quite an original, the metal body with a rectangular shaped box design is a welcome relief from the numerous ear buds that have been based on the MX 500’s and Yuin’s shell designs.


These ear buds are designed to be worn cable up or as an “over the ear” ear bud. The fit is quite good and does not fall off easily achieving stability for long periods of wearing it.

Wearing the ear buds cable down poses no such fit and comfort issues as well,


OURART Ti7 comes with a detachable MMCX cable which you can replace easily in case you prefer to use different types of cables or prefer to use it on balanced ones (both 2.5 and 4.4mm). The company also offers a silver upgrade cable with mic for $29.

The Cables have an embossed L and R for reference every time you wear it as well as when unplugging it from the earbuds.


Just by looking at the front of the earbuds, it reminds you of the metallic rims you see from elegant sports cars, the silver drivers are neatly inter twined on the inside and the gun metal finish; while they might be scratch magnet has proven me otherwise. The solid feel of the build despite being a bit heavy is a welcome respite.



OURART Ti7 for this review has been burned in for a total of 180 hours before we listened to different selected tracks. The OURART Ti7 was worn with donut foams for this review

DAP: Fiio X5iii (Fidelizer Modded)

Highs: Highs for the Ti7 sound quite neutral yet laid back. Gone are the harshness and in comes a fair amount of clarity and sparkle. Its a little energetic in its cymbals presentation of Sussudio by Phil Collins. Not too tight yet not too aggressive making it quite fun to listen for longer periods.

Mids: The mids is where the strength of the OURART Ti7  lies. Vocals are crisp and engaging, the thickness and airy voice of Al Jarreau and the powerful presentation of Cyndi Lauper’s vocals are best exemplified.

Vocal presentation is rather thick yet holds immense presence. Earl Klugh’s – Balladina; plucking on the guitar was very meaty. Vocal Clarity is very good on these buds. While the Ti7 seems to present the mids on a more natural tone, its is not sibilant or harsh, in fact the vocals feels so “analog”. There is no veil or bleeding of the sound coming from the lower mids.

Lows: The low region is not its strength but it retains a good amount of rumble and bass extensions. The bass exudes some good detail in its presentation but not much slam or punch. C&C Music Factory’s – Gonna Make You Sweats bass details are quite there though quite lacking the necessary punch but the bass details are quite energetically presented  This is not for the bass heads or bass banging listeners as it may sound anemic to their ears. Upper Bass is quite there but lacking.

Sound Stage The Ti7’s imaging and sound stage is quite wide and has better depth than most f the earbuds I’ve tried, The layering and positioning of the stage are accurate and it gives you a good idea of where the exact placement of the instruments are. While I find the sound thick, it’s never congested. Vocals are well placed in the center. as Adelle’s voice on While We were young envelopes you entirely.

Tracks Used 

Some of the selected tracks used for this review are the following:

  • Walking in Avalon – Christopher Cross (Cafe Carlyle Sessions)
  • Phil Collins – Sussudio 
  • The Promise – When in Rome
  • After All – Al Jarreau
  • Time after Time – Cyndi Lauper
  • When we were young – Adelle
  • Balladina – Earl Klugh
  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C & C Music Factory

Final Thoughts

OURART Ti7 has exceeded expectations in terms of looks and design with most of today’s earbuds, the all original shell, coupled with the detachable cables for its the mid range price. It has one of the biggest and widest sound stage and its vocal and mid range presentation does not disappoint.

While I maybe subjective with the tracks that somewhat reminisce my days with the cassette and Walkman era, the OURART Ti7 has given me a glimpse of the old days. It would be such a nostalgic experience to ride with Dr. Emmet in his DeLorean DMC-12, a Back to the Future trip would not be complete without this.


  • Good Looks and Comfortable Fit
  • For Fans of Mid Range/Vocal Based Tuning
  • Detachable MMCX Cables for upgrade and Cable Rolling
  • Decently priced at $59
  • With an option to upgrade to Silver Cables with mic for $25


  • No Case included
  • Silver Upgrade Cable could have been a bundled pair option on cart instead of a separate upgrade scheme
  • No balanced cable upgrade options (2.5mm and 4.4mm)





This unit is a loaner from a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Our review unit has nothing to do with Penon and OURART but we would like to thank them for bringing this ear bud to the audiophile scene.

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