BGVP may be a new brand for some but it has been causing quite a buzz in the audio scene lately for introducing hybrid IEMS and of course, the BGVP DMG. Priced at 139 USD on Amazon and Aliexpress, the DMG housing a 2 dynamic drivers and 4 balanced armature on each shells which is stated to produce a balanced sound with strong articulated bass which is designed for audiophiles and portable audio enthusiast. It also includes acoustic filters which users can roll with depending on one’s desire. In this new episode of Novice Viewpoint, we’ll find out what’s the buzz on the DMG and if  it can tickle the fancy of an audiophile looking for a balanced sound. Is the DMG a worthy competitor on its price range? Let’s start uncovering the truth.

First things first, I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms. Lilian who provided the DMG to this new episode on the Bus Ride Impression. Thank you for having us experience the DMG and for making this review possible.

Let’s start!



DMG exhibits a nice presentation on the box which contains all the necessary information on what to expect inside like the appearance of the DMG on the front and the technical specifications which at the back.


Inside is the cardboard looking box which contains the DMG itself together with smaller boxes containing the accessories, user manual and the MMCX cable. You may opt to choose between the mic version and non mic version. What we got is the non mic version which includes a different silver MMCX cable from the one presented on the front face of the box which is the cable for the mic version of the DMG.


I was surprised as the DMG includes a sizable amount of accessories. It includes a wide variety of tips: 3 pairs of black silicon tips, 3 pairs of blue silicon tips, 3 pairs of wide nozzle tips and a pair of foam tips. It also includes a pair of ear hooks and a shirt clip which is not really necessary but might come in handy. The acoustic filters are placed in a nice plastic hard case which you can also use as a storage for a pair or two of the tips. Although one thing that I noticed is the lack of a carrying case/hard case which is one of the things you expect at this price-point.




The sturdy and premium feel of the IEM itself is one of the things I admire with the DMG; the aluminium-magnesium alloy shell is well-built and it feels nice and smooth. Upon trying the IEM, it does have round edges which is an advantage as you can enjoy the DMG on long listening sessions as it doesn’t hurt my ears. The shell feels like a custom-made IEM that is comfortable to wear and sits on my ears properly. The minimalist look also add a premium feel. Left and right indicators are located on the outer ring of the female MMCX on the IEM itself which can be easily seen. The serial number is also located on the IEM itself as well as the model name. The vent is located under the female MMCX and above the serial and model number which is unusual as presented on the box, the vent is located on the face-plate itself and not under the female MMCX.


As we’ve got the non mic version of the DMG, the included MMCX cable is a nice silver MMCX cable with a smooth texture which is not tangle prone. Although the chin slider is a bit useless as the texture of the cable is too smooth the hold the chin slider in place.  Overall, the cable included is pretty rugged and it looks stylish.

The DMG includes 3 pairs of acoustic filters. It has a sturdy build, however it lacks the rubber O-rings which should be a must to avoid loss thread and also to protect the shell from damage. We’ll get to the difference of the filters in terms of sound later on.


Overall, DMG’s build and packaging is quite satisfactory as it does have well built shell that is comfortable to wear and has attractive aesthetics, an abundance of tips included, an exceptional silver cable, although the ear-hooks may not be necessary as the silver cable already has shrink tubes that are quite easy to wear. Perhaps a carrying case is the only thing that is lacking at this price-point, it is one of the most essential accessory that, in my opinion, must be included in the package.



The DMG for this review was burned in for about 100 hours as it does carry dynamic drivers. To distinguish the sound from out of the box and after the burn in period, we did try the DMG with the Fiio M7 and a smartphone on a bunch of tracks and on the different acoustic filters included in its package.

Blue Filters

Let’s start with the DMG’s sound out of the box. After we opened the DMG for testing, the filters installed were the BLUE filters which are supposedly the balanced filters. We figured it out by listening to it using all the filters included as well as Looking the DMG up on Aliexpress as it has no included description of every filters on the manual. Out of the box, the DMG sounds a bit veiled as it sounded like listening to tracks with a thin sheet of paper wrapped around the microphone. The bass was punchy and has an extended decay which for some may be a bit overwhelming but after the 100 hours, it was surprisingly different from my first impression. Bass was toned down but still got that punchy feel, mid-range was slightly forward compared to the sound out of the box. The highs were present but to some, it might sound dissatisfactory with the high frequencies rolling off a bit. Still, it gives a clean sound with a slight kick on the low end.

Gold Filters

The gold filters slightly improves the lower frequencies, bass were a bit more punchy than the blue filters especially when listening to bass-heavy tracks. Gold filters doesn’t do much of a difference in the higher frequencies, but the mid-range were a bit recessed on this pair of filters; gold filters emphasized the low-ends as it added a bit weight and body to the bass.

Silver Filters

The silver filters fits my liking as it really tames the low-ends and it makes the highs shine more on this filter. Mids were a bit more forward than the gold and blue filters, micro details were more present as well on the female vocals as it concentrates on the upper mid-range and highs.

Verdict: Yay or Nay?

To sum it up, DMG may be considered a versatile IEM considering its build, comfort, included accessories and its acoustic filters. some would say YAY to this as it got the necessary package and build you’ll expect from its price ($139) although a carrying case would be nice. The build is exceptional as it is rugged and well designed. Aesthetic wise, you can wear this IEM while looking bad-ass. The fit is like that of a custom IEM with a metal shell and is comfortable to wear. You can use this IEM to hours end without hurting your ears. Another thing that would get the vote for the DMG is the sound quality. Yeah sure, it may be too bassy for some but generally, it sounds great. Detail are amazing as well as the tweaks from the acoustic filters. Personally, my favorite filter would be the silver filter as it sounded euphoric and lively on vocal tracks. Of course there will be room for improvements for this IEM but the DMG will surely tickle the ears of consumers who are looking for an IEM with superior qualities.

Again, special thanks to Lillian for this wonderful gem. Should you wish to get one, you may find it on their Amazon link as well as their Aliexpress store.

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