Hello! Today’s is the continuation of the Flare Audio series and I am going to take up on Jet 2, which supposedly carries a better tuning compared to Jet 1 as per the claim on the Flare Audio website. I am not sure though what Flare Audio meant when they said so on the website, but I am pretty sure that there will be a bit of a better refinement on the details on the Jet 2 compared to Jet 1.

Before going any further, I would like to point out that it might be best to go back and check my review on Jet 1 while doing a comparison between the two especially if you have your mind into getting either. I am pretty sure you should be able to establish the pros and cons between the two, and what are the considerations you have left when jumping the gun.

So, let’s get started.

How’s The Build?

Upon holding the Jet 2, I already know how much difference there is in terms of build as compared to Jet 1. While the Jet 1 used some sort of a considerably durable polymer on its shell, the Jet 2 used aluminum for a more reinforced shell. I find this pretty nifty and practical, and given the price difference of about $20, I think Jet 2 is the more practical buy in terms of longevity. Kind of gives you the feeling that it can outlast abuse even if you often times cram it on your pants pocket or your bag. And as it sports a polished finish, you don’t have to worry about paint chipping off the shells.


The rest of the IEM is pretty much the same as the Jet 1. Cables used were the same, so was the plug, even the remote and the included storage pouch were all the same. Heck, even the packaging is the same. One thing that I noticed though upon using both Jet 1 and Jet 2 is that the cable seems to be a bit short than the conventional length. I checked the website and it did sport a slightly shorter cable than the conventional ones but it did feel a bit significant to me, as the cable seems to be stretched when I have either Jet 1 or 2 plugged on my phone and I have my phone on my pants pocket. Not too concerning, but if you happen to be a taller guy, this might be a bit of a concern.


Overall, similar to the Jet 1, I liked the build. Cable has less issues on tangling, plug is small and snug, packaging is pretty much practical. Should be a good buy if we talk about build.

Impressive Sound

Truth be told, I did feel the difference with the sound from Jet 2 upon trying it on. While the lower frequencies felt toned down, it felt as if it offers an improved detail on the sub and mid-bass. While it may have less in terms of quantity compared to Jet 1, I appreciated the fact that there seems to be more details heard from Jet 2 with its sub and mid-bass. It also sounded cleaner and leaner on this aspect.

Flare Audio may look like it has a proclivity with treble if you happen to have heard both Jet 1 and Jet 2, only that Jet 2 carries a far smoother approach on the upper frequencies. It also seems to offer a good treble extension for its price, something that is quite uncommon with IEMs on the same price point. While the sparkly encourages a livelier tonality, there was in no way any sibilance on this part.

Mid-range may not exactly be as forward as some might hope, but in the case of Jet 2, it wasn’t as forward given the signature that Flare Audio assigned to it. Even so, I think they still allowed a pretty good amount and detail on the mid-range just so it won’t sound absent. Fact is, for an IEM with a supposed recessed mids, the Jet 2 has a pretty good detail while keeping the upper mid-range smooth and easy.

I like the sound stage on Jet 2, not that it was something like an out-of-the-head feel, but given the fact that for an IEM it is pretty good and wide.

I did a bit of comparison of the Jet 2 with Hifiman RE400, and while RE400 seems more mature and controlled, there still is a pretty decent level of control with the Jet 2. The thing about entry-level IEMs that I don’t like is the manner that they kind of exaggerate in a way that it already loses some sense of realism on the sound. Great work on Flare Audio for keeping the Jet 2 on its toes and in the level that it carries a decent sense on how it was tuned.


As subjective as it may be for the users, I think the Flare Audio Jet 2 is a good recommendation for those who wishes to invest a small amount of money for a good pair of IEM. It sounds smooth, honest, and can actually put up against other IEMs on the same price point. While I still find the gripe of the driver flex similar to Jet 1, for me it might just be a small cost considering the price to performance ratio of the Jet 2. After all, it did give me the fun of listening to my tunes regardless of what source I used it with, and that (for me), is a good thing. For less than $100, that sure is a bargain.

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