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That bEARded Library Guy: 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone

While a ton of IEMs were released in the market, there’s very few that has somehow captured the hearts of enthusiasts (audio and mobile phone alike) that has been quite versatile in both aspects, that is, excellently works with a mobile phone and has some serious sound quality to pass the standards for both. A handful came out that somehow favored both fans, yet there still are some gripes as (1.) there’s really non perfect IEM for use for both, and (2.) there’s always the argument about the mic having some adverse effect on an audiophile caliber IEM.

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That bEARded Library Guy: 1More 1M301

Much has been released in terms of mobile IEMs, wherein these IEMS are designed to work with your mobile phones. While mostly designed to dual function as a music listening device as well as call making device, some of these actually are worth a look from an audio enthusiast market. One of those is the 1More 1M301, of which seems to be a sleek looking design from 1More, the company that Xiaomi used to partner with. With the Xiaomi Piston being so successful as it is, much is expected from 1More with their IEM offers as of late.