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Novice Viewpoint: Shanling M0


Introducing the newest addition to the Bus Ride Impression, “Novice Viewpoint”. This features impressions and feedback from the point of view of a neophyte in this hobby. This aims to present newbie friendly reviews and a much fun oriented discussion.


The Shanling M0 unit for this review did not come from the manufacturer. The written review is impartial and has no connections with the company. However I wish to thank Shanling for manufacturing these great budgets DAP (Digital Audio Player). Please bear with me as this is my “first review”.



Since there are a lot of contenders on the budget friendly DAPs category, it is really hard to enter on this side of the portable audio scene.

However, Shanling thought of a way to have a DAP that’s jam-packed with features. With the success story starting with their line-up starting from the M1, we now take a look on their newest budget DAP model, the tiny Shanling M0.