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You have to forgive me as I gather my thoughts. The Audio-Fi meet last Saturday surprised me quite a bit as I went home with five cans to review. Yes, you read that right: five. And as much as the owners of these cans doesn’t really demand that I return them by next weekend, I still feel obligated to get a review across the soonest time I can. So, pretty much, for the next 2 weeks starting this week you will get peppered by impressions on these cans.

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Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Bus Ride Impression!

Why am I so damn jolly? Because today we are going to do a bit of a change in the BRI as most would normally know it. Yeah, I know I have done a shootout before, but that was for the trinity of entry level IEMs offered by Knowledge Zenith. Today, however, is going to be mighty different as I thought it might benefit you, our dear readers, if we will try something a little different.

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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Trinity Audio Vyrus

Given the usually exorbitant cost of the hobby, it is not unusual that people would seek for a gear that would be just smack right in their budget while aiming for something nice sounding or fancy. Thus the proliferation of budget gears to fit the needs of the general population of the enthusiasts. However, once in a while you will come across something that is truly good that you will wonder how it broke the market by coming up with such an ingenious design of a gear for a fraction of its due price.

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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Trinity Audio Hyperion

Speaking of budget-fi gears, there will always be some compromises to accept when dealing with such. It may be in the case of the build of the gear wherein you will have to take extra care of the gear so as not to break it, or some compromises on the sound quality of the gear, or it can even be in the form of comfort while using it. As it is, it will just be entirely up to the user as to which ones are non-negotiable and which ones can be tolerated.

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Hi and welcome to another installment of the Bus Ride Impression! Today we will try another different thing as I try to dissect the dynamics of a mod for a Grado SR225i.

Wait, what? It is not even available from Grado anymore, isn’t it? Yes my friends and beloved readers, I know for a fact that Grado has long demised the SR225i as they have opted to keep the SR225e in their current inventory. But, given the fact that I heard of a lot of great things about the “i” version and how well it adapts to mods gave me the thought of grabbing one off the second-hand market and have it modified into a Frankenstein (insert evil genius laugh here). 

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I am quite the happy camper. Yes I am. And that is for a good reason. Initially my works were for some of my audio toys, and that is something expected as I have yet to establish my reputation as a critic for personal audio gear. However, as my portfolio of works start to increase, I am now starting to enjoy that little perk wherein some people would be willing to loan me their toys to subject them to the test for the BRI. As of late, more and more offers are coming to the point that I get overwhelmed with the offers. Nowadays, I would normally receive one or two toys to review, and boy, as a personal audio enthusiast it feels like Christmas to me every week as I get to enjoy toys I know I can’t always get.

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I had this coming. Fact is, this is long overdue as I have always wanted to have this in one of my Bus Ride Impressions, but was unable to given the onslaught of items to review over the holidays. Plus I have no one to borrow this from. And the wallet already underwent several cardiac arrests due to the holidays so I practically have no budget for one. And the Chief Finance Officer (a.k.a. wife) will no longer allow me to get another one.

So I had to sit this one out.