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Everyone in the hobby seems to already know how a Chord Mojo performs. I mean, let’s face it, a Mojo is a Mojo. It indeed is a great DAC for the entry level market and it is touted to be the best DAC in the range. There is a good reason of course, and that would be its capability to drive out excellent tonality out of even a lackluster DAP provided that you use the appropriate connections to Mojo. I had one for about 6 months and only decided to release it recently as I have grown some inclination towards desktop personal audio setups. I have gone to that point when I feel that a portable DAC paired to my DAP has become a bit cumbersome so I decided to enjoy what beauty there is in my DAP and ditch the Mojo (fare thee well, you have served me well).

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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Beyerdynamic DT770 (32 Ohms)

Beyerdynamic cans has established quite a reputation among many personal audio enthusiasts and it deserves so. Beyerdynamic has been in the business for some time now and they have had success with their headphone lines, yet there are some who thinks their cans tend to be a bit on a brighter side. Some would even think that it may not be tolerable for their ears. I, however, beg to disagree.

Leading the DT series is the Beyerdynamic DT770, of which is a closed back can. This kind of gives a hint on the amount of bass it can yield, and yes, it has a good amount of bass, but the highs is the star for the said can.

Nope, don’t get me wrong. These cans doesn’t have bad, bright, harsh kind of highs. It has the kind of brightness that should be in a can if you are after some details in your can without being harsh in any way.

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I was in one of the Aurem meets a couple of weeks ago when my buddy Ace Estaniel piped up flashing this very nice looking can from Shure, the SRH1540. At a glance, it did look lovely: the carbon fibre design on the cup gave it a premium design. Couple it with the tough looking headband and the mesmerizing looks of the Alcantara pads does scream of an unyielding quality. But does it justify the $499 pricetag?

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Hello there and welcome to another installment of Bus Ride Impression. I was hoping that the 2 day vacation will be able to recalibrate my adled brain due to the brouhaha of the season, unfortunately I was turned into a slave from the start of the weekend leading to the Halloween (which aptly I think should be my costume for the holiday) and man I was driven up against the hill (Toil!) given the tasks I have been handed by ze mother. Anywho, I am glad I still managed to finally find the time to publish another installment of my reviews.

Oh, and by the way, as shameless as this might be, I would like to thank those who dropped by the Aurem meet last Sunday. It was a pure, potent poison day for the folks who dropped by as wickedly plotted and planned by the master himself, the Sith Lord of audiophilia, Lorenz Macalincag who actually came up with the idea of the gear to be used that day. It seems there was a number of people who joined us who failed to get some sleep afterwards. Well played, Sith Lord, well played.

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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Campfire Audio Orion

The Campfire Orion. Much is the hype with this brand when it launched back early this year, and one glance at the IEM will tell you one distinct thing about it: it looks like it is built like a tank. This must be the toughest looking IEM I have ever seen in the market (yes, even if the ADVANCED M4 is one tough IEM, the Orion does look tougher. M4 doesn’t really look tough, it is just, well, tough). The black, militaristic finish combined with the edgy look and the screws does make it look more of something in a streetfight. And the Tinsel cable, oh the Tinsel cables! The only argument here is if it can deliver.

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I have been talking to friends about how addictive it has been doing the Bus Ride Impression especially now that the crazy traffic situation has been aggravated by JMC blaring from the bus speakers (he has taken the malls as hostages, he is now taking over public conveyance: be warned) and listening to my personal repertoire is slowly becoming a necessity more than a leisure. Fortunately, good friend Benedict Chua has been generous to lend me his personal Dita Answer and it is a perfect way to keep my sanity from crumbling due to the current traffic situation.

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Some don’t find Sony a fanciful can, more of it being just the type of cans that are preceded by the brand and looks rather than by its performance. I personally find the Sony MDR-Z7 quite expensive for its performance (currently priced at P27000 but I think it should have been priced at least P15000). However, I have been hunting for a good travel headphones and I chanced upon MDR-1A which I thought might be a good pair considering my needs. So I looked for one but unfortunately it was out of stock in most shops during that time so I had to kip a little bit. Then a fellow audiophile, Al Francis Ong turned up saying he’s got his Sony MDR-1R on sale since he was not overly fond of it. That tickled my fancy thinking that it may sound close to the real thing so I gave it a go with the hopes that it may not sound as good as the MDR-1A would, but may be a good alternative.