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Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Bus Ride Impression! I just got through a tough week, as I am currently recuperating from an accident last weekend that immobilized me due to a foot injury (how I wished it was due to a diving or a mountaineering accident; it was all due to clumsiness actually as I was unloading the car with some of our bags in our weekend holiday). Given that I am unable to really go around and about, I decided to turn the week into something productive other than annoying my siblings and my wife, that is, to write a couple of articles for Bus Ride Impression.

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While a plethora of new in-ear monitors come out in the market these days, there still are several ones that remain to stand the test of time for the market. It would even be harder for entry-level IEMs to compete against the growing options, what with the technology evolving in terms of materials and tuning used in the new releases. I guess this heavily causes the shorter lifespan or early demise of an IEM which would have been a groundbreaking design in the past but meets its end relatively quickly.

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Hello again! I find earbuds really interesting in so many ways, but foremostly I liked them because of the comfort as they just hang on your ears unlike IEMs which we practically shove inside the ears. Even more interesting is that most earbuds have a common form factor, and yet it is amazing that the earbuds can vary in terms of sound quality and tonality without making too much difference on how they look.

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Hello and welcome to another exciting episode of the Bus Ride Impression. As mentioned in my previous review, I chanced upon a kind sponsor who allowed me to review 2 new IEMs in the market, the Shozy/AAW Hibiki Mk.2 and Tin Audio T2, of which I am currently having quite a blast listening to. You might have read through my take on the Hibiki Mk.2 and today I will go through the other review IEM sent to me, the Tin Audio T2.

Unlike the Hibiki Mk.2, I have no idea whatsoever as to how the Tin Audio T2 would sound like; I know a Tin Audio T1 model came out earlier but I totally had no chance to try it out and find for myself how this brand tunes its IEM. I, in fact, have no idea who has one here in the country.

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I am quite a lucky guy. I know I haven’t written anything for the past several weeks due to a very toxic environment in the office (work really has the knack of rearing its ugly head and dumping in loads of paperwork to be completed in the most opportune time) so I kind of passed writing anything. I actually have a number of materials to write about; got that spring-loaded box of Indonesian earbuds to write about, plus a few DACs that I have sitting by my desk and a couple more cans that still is in pending status and yet I haven’t mustered the time to write about those. I loved writing, but work has to take precedence as it brings some food in the table (or gears on my desk).

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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: De’mun Red and Blue

As things ease up at work, I guess I am starting to find more time to listen to my gears and even write about them. Thankfully enough, as I really missed doing this; you see, this is some sort of therapy for me. Allowing me to describe how I hear a certain gear kind of allows me to figure out the things I like to hear out of my setups. It does feel like a drop of liquor touching my tongue after a very busy week at work/business.

So, I got around receiving these two earbuds a few months ago called De’mun Red and Blue, and boy this earbud maker can’t be too literal. While the color seems to be a bit too loud to look at, perhaps it will depend on how you see them; either you want to be very conspicuous while wearing them or think that they could have been a bit discreet. As for me, I find them quite interesting to look at, as it not very common to see earbuds of this look. I mean come on, if you want to enjoy great sound, you might as well want to get caught looking good with them on.

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Whoa, what a hiatus. It has been a few months since I wrote anything on the site (given the pressures of the daily grind, a few changes The Tech Kaiju has to go through, and some opportunities I just can’t let pass) and I must say, I missed it a lot. It always is hard to run a review website alone, but then again, it is quite fulfilling.

So, after that hiatus, it is just right and ideal for me to bring forth something exciting, and I will have to agree; nothing slams a comeback with a bang than an interesting audio piece. I am bringing you today the Audio Varna.