Novice Viewpoint : Treblab X5

  Novice Viewpoint: Treblab X5 ***First of all, I would like to thank TREBLAB for giving us this opportunity to feature the X5 on Bus Ride Impression. We thank you for your generosity and support for making this review possible. With a plenty of wireless/sports IEM widely offered in the market. Can the Treblab X5 … Continue reading Novice Viewpoint : Treblab X5


Portable electrostats. Wow. Imagine the possibilities: a portable audio option that can yield some of the inherent qualities of the desktop comrades such as the Stax L500 and the Koss ESP950. Electrostats are known for its amazing speed of resolution, and are often enjoyed in desktop forms. With the SRM-002, we are being allowed with … Continue reading BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Stax SRM-002